Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Anyone Else Having Issues With Blogger?

Several times tonight when I was viewing blogs and I would try to go to another one or close one down it would keep popping up on my screen? I have never had this issue and am wondering if anyone has experienced this.

I know my friend Shari told me the other night when I moved everything from CCP blog to the new one I have now that my site did the same thing on her computer.

I also know that there is a scheduled outage this Thursday, so maybe it has something to do with that. Maybe, they are messing with things early?


  1. The other night I was on a blog and went to go back to mine...her blog came up 20 times on my screen then big squares of white and black kept popping up, I just pulled the plug on my computer I was that The next day everything was fine:) I'm glad that I read that you were having the troubles too!

  2. Yes, I am having problems with my blog.. it does not update for folks following it.. It's stuck on a Thanksgiving post. So I will have to delete it one day and start over.. phooey !

    I see you are from Greensboro NC. What a neat area that is.. Love the mall there! Years back it had five floors.. I am counting the basement area .. ( it had stores in the basement area.) The Olive Garden in Greensboro had the best lasagna ever.. no other Olive Garden ever had such good lasagna. Then there is Winston Salem nearby with all the history . I was there twice. My son used to live in Burlington.

  3. Linda,

    The same day you wrote this I heard that the mall had filed bankrupt. They have had a lot of issues since Joseph Koury died about 5 years ago. They say the mall will remain open, but itme will tell.

    Now as for Olive Garden it is one of my favorite places to eat, by Scott doesn't like it cause they serve a salad with everything. He will eat there once in a blue moon.

    You also mention Winston-Salem and I lived there before I moved to Greensboro and got married. It's kinda funny I still know the road in Winston so much better than the ones here in Greensboro.