Friday, May 8, 2009

Girls day out and about

It has been a very busy week for me. I have been sick with a really bad sinus infection that seems to never go away.

I started Monday off with going to the doc for a TB skin test and while I was there he decided it was best if I go ahead and got a tetanus (spelling ?) shot also. He said with me starting school that if I was to stick myself with a used or unused needle this would help a great deal. I know one thing my left arm has felt like someone has beat me with a bat.

I had to go back Wednesday to have my TB test read and it was find and then I was off to get my hair cut and styled. I was so excited, cause my hair dresser just had a baby and has been on bed rest for 3 three months. Oh and by the way my hair looks great.

So now for the shopping. I had seen on Shari's blog ( that she was going to Fancy Gap to visit Betty from Crockett's Country Store and I wanted to go.

So we made plans to meet up and Deb ( drove us up there yesterday. Fancy Gap is about an hour from all of us. It is nestled right at the start of The Blue Ridge Parkway.

We went to Crockett's and it was a wonderful shop. Betty and her husband are some of the nicest people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. We stayed for a little over an hour or so.

Afterwards we were all starving and decided to go to a little deli across the road and it was wonderful. I had homemade chicken salad on a croissant, with kettle chips and a pickle and of course some sweet ice tea.

Once we left there it was already getting later in the day as we head to Cana, VA and stopped at The Antique Rose Shop. This is an antique consignment shop that has outgrown itself to several smaller out buildings as well. It was jammed packed from top to bottom. I simply love places like that.

I had been there about a year ago and purchased a really old quilt that I simply love and still have. This was Shari and Deb's first time there. I wasn't in the market for anything so Shari and Deb did the purchasing.

Once we left there we headed back to NC and stopped at a produce/flower stand before heading home.

Needless to say we were all pooped by this

Now let the fun begin for today. I have already been to the dentist to get my teeth cleaned and next week I have to go back to have a few fillings re-filled due to the fact that I grind my teeth while sleeping.

Let me tell you that I have sent a lot of time and money at the dentist due to the grinding.

Now I have to run out to the college for the second time this week. Oh, I forgot on Monday I went to purchase my books for my CNA class thinking oh I only have to buy 1 book, well I was wrong I had to purchase 3 of them.

Today I have to take tax form from 2007, since I was hoping to get a pell grant and I messed up on the paper work when I first did it. I had us paying $65,000.00 in taxes that year and we just made a little over that so I had us paying it all

Anyways, I was told that my dh made to much money and had to apply for a loan instead. Well, I got notice yesterday that they re-filed for a pell grant for me and they need the tax forms.

I need to find out for sure what is going on, since I sign up for classes in a week I need to know where the $$$$ is coming from. If I did get the pell grant then I have to take 12 hours and if I only go the loan I have to take 6 hours.

Let me tell you I am already worn out from GTCC and I still have a week to go before I start my CNA classes and on that same day I will be signing up for the Surgical classes and I'm POOPED!

Have A Great Day!!!


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