Saturday, February 21, 2009

Doctor update

I think I am going to like my new doctor. If nothing else he was very easy on the eyes. I'm not sick my no means , but I do have a rash on my back that he thinks is from a new shampoo.

I also have a bacterial infection that I was given medicine for. I have been having issues with my bladder for almost a year now and that is the cause of the infection. In the coming months my doc is going to put a mesh sling to hold my bladder an that should stop all the issues.

Mini update: My Christmas tree is still


  1. Honey, start calling it an "Easter tree" and stick a few eggs on it...LOL...then you can brag that you have yer Easter Tree up already...

    Hope this "mesh sling" to help the bladder is on the OUTSIDE of the body...

  2. It's funny you say that about an Easter tree, cause I do have eggs for that purpose.

    As for the mesh sling it will be inside the body.

  3. hello, stopping in to take a look around and say hi. Hope you're having a good day. God Bless

  4. well at least this Dr. is offering some hope..hope it can get it done
    before convention..

  5. Ah... Doctors.... What a journey they can take you on. Best of luck to you!