Thursday, February 26, 2009

Fun Time and the best TS purchase ever!

I was looking for something today and came across some of my wedding pics and thought that I would share a few of them. Scott and I were married in Vegas in 2002 at A Special Memory Wedding Chapel and it was wonderful.

We had planned on honeymooning in Vegas and said what the heck, let's just get married in there as well. So with that decision, I set out on a year of planning our wedding.

I had lived in Vegas for awhile with a roommate and he was still there and we had friends that wanted to go as well. At the time I was working for a local hotel and was able to get rooms for them for just $42 for the whole weekend. Scott and I stayed on the strip at the Excalibur and it was wonderful.

Scott had never been anywhere like Vegas before and it was so funny when we were landing he had been talking the whole flight that he was going to get the rental car and drive here, there and everywhere. Well once he saw the roads from the air he said I was doing all the driving since I knew my way around and that exactly what I did.

Ok, so Scott and I arrived on Friday to get all the details taken care of and our guest came in on Saturday for the wedding was Sunday. Scott was disappointed that his parents didn't come even after we told them we would pay for everything, but that's a story for a different time.

I remember the night before wanting to have a girls night out and I got so mad at Scott due to the fact that he had all of us going to a show that night that didn't end until after midnight and I did want to see him the day of our wedding until it was time for the limo.

So a friend stayed with me in the hotel that night and we had been out to all types of casino's, drinking at all of them and I didn't get up until 1:30 the day of my wedding. It's so funny to look back at it all now. I don't remember much about that day other than eating pancakes and the lady coming to do my hair and makeup.

Well before I knew it my best guy friend in the world was calling saying the limo was ready to take us to the Chapel. I walked out of my room and there Scott was and he looked so happy with the biggest smile I had ever seen on him. He thought I was so mad from the night before that I wouldn't show up.

So off to the Chapel we go and we got married is what the video


The only thing I remember is laughing at what the preacher was saying and looking Scott up and down like he was going to run away or something. It was so funny to me.

We had a great reception at the MGM Grand with our large party of 8 people and gambled the rest of the night away.

Our friends left us on Monday and we honeymooned for 10 more days and it is a time I will never forget.

So now for the best thrift store purchase ever, well it was my wonderful handmade wedding dress. I got it for $50 at the Salvation Army store, had buttons put down the back for $40 and dry cleaned for $60 for a grand total of $150.

Sorry this post is so long and here are some pics of us.the best cake I have ever had
outside the Chapel
The two of us
my dress
crazy look on Scott's face


  1. How romantic...I love storys like that:) Love the gown too, very pretty:)

  2. Thanks for sharing your wedding story.

  3. Great deal on the gown. What a romantic wedding.


  4. Thanks for the great comments!! We had so much fun and we plan on doing a wacky wedding in Vegas for our 10th anniversary.

    My gown is still wonderfull with tons of lace and beads on it. At one time I had thought about making pillows out of it, but just couldn't do it.


  5. What a beautiful bride you were
    Kj said hubba hubba...I love the pictures....

  6. Retha, I love reading your blogs. I have been "addicted" to reading so many blogs lately and so I know what you are talking about. On a school note, does Baptist or Forsyth have a program for what you are looking for? Someone must have a program for you. I can't wait to take at trip to Greenboro and see the Hand Maidens' spot in the mall. I was there about a week ago and tried to see where you ladies might be. Sounds like a trip to me. Keep you the good work. Sherie