Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I think my head is going to EXPLODE!!!

Do you ever have those days to where your mind just works overtime? Well, lately mind has not stopped......(breathe in, breathe out.........not really working either)

So anywho, I have been searching none stop for a college to attend and I was hoping to start this year and things are not working out the way I want them!! (darn it)

I can go to be an RN, or surgical tech, but can't start the programs until 2010 and that sucks big time, or I can go to ECPI for medical assisting and start this March.........oh, but of course there is a catch there..... their program cost $24,000.00 for a 16 month program/

I have learned so much in the past 2 weeks that I'm worried now that I will make the wrong choice and be unhappy with it. Every college I have gone to has been pushing medical assisting and that is not what I want to do. I want to have a degree not just a diploma.

My biggest fear is that I will be a failure at this just like I have at everything else in my life....(I know pity party)

Anyways, if anyone has any suggestions, please let me know.




  1. Nursing is VERY hard work. I did it for 23 years and finally said "ENOUGH!". Be very sure you want to work long, erratic shifts with a ton of responsibility piled on top. I just saw a sign somewhere that said "Be kind to nurses, sometimes they are all that keeps the doctor from killing you". Unfortunately, it is all too true!

  2. I would make sure you know what you want to do and stick with it. I think being a nurse means more job security and probably more money. Like Sandy said it's a lot of long hours and responsibility. Is that something you are willing to do? I would love to be a Dr.'s receptionist or work in a Dr.s office. Good luck with what ever you decide.


  3. Nursing is absolutely one of the most flexible jobs out there. You don't have to work in a hospital or even a doctor's office. There are literally hundreds of different, good-paying jobs in nursing, such as telephone triage, teaching, school nurse, home health, hospice, diabetic educator, wound care, on and on.

    The great thing is that you might decide you can't stand hands-on patient care. I hated it. But there are many other jobs you can do and still pull that money and respect.

    Medical assisting is not a career on a par with nursing. It pays next to nothing, and you would have many less jobs to choose from.

    The community colleges tend to have their quirky requirements that mean you have to spend quite a bit of time and money to get into a program. BUT, the TIME will pass anyway...think of it that way...the years will pass whether or not you are "waiting" to get into a program.

  4. I have a DIL that is an LPN. She loves it. She works in the OB dept. She dosen't care for nights, loves the days, and loves the babies more than the mom's LoL. She almost stopped at the start of her last year. It was hard, but she is so glad she finished. I also have an almost DIL that is taking her pre recs for the LPN program this year. If your program doesn't start until 2010, are there pre recs you can do this year? Whew! Hard decisions. What the other ladies have said is all true. One thing I know for sure, time goes so very fast and the years fly by & before you know it, they're gone, and sometimes we have lots of " if only I hads...." for memories. If you want to be a nurse. I say go for it no matter the set backs on the way there! Pray hard :-) Good luck!!!!