Sunday, February 8, 2009

How has your Sunday been?

I love Sunday's!!! It's the one day out of the week that I spend my whole day with my husband. He works from 3 pm to midnight or after Monday - Friday at UPS. So on Saturday that is the day he gets to rest and do whatever it is he wants or need to do.

So on Sunday's he is all mine......... We usually get up pretty late in the day and one of us will fix breakfast. This morning he made us waffles. The puppy and I just love them. I got Scott a waffle iron for Christmas and it has been one of the best purchases ever made in this house. I wanted to make waffles several weeks ago for dinner and Scott pouted that I was going to use HIS waffle iron. I thought that was so funny.

Anywho, it is so nice here today. I decided I would run to the Goodwill while Scott took a shower. Well it was not worth the trip at all. We have two Goodwill's here in Greensboro and both of them suck big time.

Ok, so Scott is going to make dinner tonight. That is another one of the things we usually do on Sunday's is to eat at home. We like to go out to dinner on Saturday and cook on Sunday so we can watch Desperate Housewives together.

Scott is no chef, but he sure has a lot of fun playing one. I am not sure what is is going to fix other than chicken and I'm sure it will have cheese in it or on it, since that is his favorite food.

So what is your favorite thing to do on Sunday's?

***Mini Update*** Today is 02/09/09 and YES MY TREE IS STILL

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  1. We go "train chasing" on's the busiest day of the week on the mainline that runs through here -- not that it's very busy. But on Sunday we can often see 4 trains. My husband is really into trains. We don't eat out on Sundays, either -- hubby likes to cook for Sunday night. Our taste is miles apart, but my rule is -- If someone fixes you something, you eat it, with a smile!