Monday, March 9, 2009

I didn't think this day would ever get here!

I don't think I have ever looked so forward to a Monday in my life!!! I'm sure your thinking has this woman crazy or what, well the answer to that is yes, yes I

After 9 long days and nights, and I do mean long, my loving husband Scott finally goes back to work today after 9 days of vacation.

I'M SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love this man, but we are not use to being around each other that much. He has always worked odd hours and I like it that way. I can't wait to get back into my routine.

So today at 3:01 EST, everyone will hear me screaming from the top of my lungs, that it is a GREAT Day to be alone............YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH


  1. Retha,
    It does make things hard when the DH is around when usually they are working or whatever. Glad to hear he has gone back to

    The Angie Im talking about is Angie of Sugarplum Patch. I have met Angie from Mebane and she is so down to earth.

  2. Yeah.. lol, I know what you mean.. I love my DH but sometimes he will go on a rotation where he is home for up to 2 weeks.. especially right now with things being slow he's home a lot more. So I know the feeling g'friend. Congrats on the store too, I might have to drive down sometime.


  3. LOL. I also like my space! Funny Huh. I think I'm getting worse! He he he!!!!

    Las Vegas Nevada?
    Have a great Tue. ♥ Lewaina

  4. I know! I'm sort of like that too and my husband is off on the weekends. Thank you so much for stopping by it's always so nice to see a new face! Deb

  5. Shame on you for talking this way about my scottiepoo

  6. I know just what you mean. A little togetherness can go a LONG way!

  7. Hi Retha,

    I totally understand the husband thing. My guy hasn't worked for almost a year now since his MS diagnosis. I miss my alone time! I go to school but when I get home he is like a kid wanting all mama's attention! *laughing*

    Thank you for stopping by my blog. I look forward to reading yours and getting to know you. Congratulations on the new store.


  8. Thanks for visiting my blog. Love your stuff at your store. Sign up for my Spring Giveaway if you haven't already....have a great day!

  9. HI Retha, this is my first time here and I can SOOO relate! My hubby works nights and sleeps during the day til 1 or 2 but then I go to work at 3..It works out splendidly, lol!!!That shop looks wonderful, wish I lived closer:( good luck with it and have a great day!

  10. Ooooh you made me laugh! :)

    You're following my blog(prim4Him) so, WELCOME!
    Make sure you peek at my other blog too,

    Be see'n ya round the blogesphere! :)

    In awe of Him! L~

  11. thats huuby has been retired for 9 we are together 24-7...and when i get a day to myself I am happy...but still miss him...after 31 yrs of marriage we are kinda used to be around each other a lot i guess...and older too..