Tuesday, March 3, 2009

What's in a name?

As many of you know I recently closed Cinnamon Creek Primitives after being in business for 3 years. Well, I have a question that I need help with. If I were to change the name of my blog would I loose my followers and is it something any of you have done before?

I never really liked the name Cinnamon Creek Primitives, but that is what the business was named when I purchased it and I didn't want to change the name for fear of loosing my customer and look where that got me out of business.

Anyways, please let me know what you think about a name change. I have a name, that I have loved forever.




  1. I know no matter what the program does, you would not loose me!

    I am a stalker don't cha know! lol

    But I hope you have lots of free time now to blog your amazing prims for us to see.

    And if you get bored you could always do home visits for us!

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful blog,

  2. Best Wishes wharever you decide to do.
    Pamela RN in Ohio

  3. I would love for you to come shopping with me. It took us a week and eight TS to find the things I posted about yesterday. The box of stuff I showed came from a TS in Moore Co. It takes us close to 45 minutes to get there. They bring things in by the truckload and I asked how often and the lady told me every Saturday. Most of the things are priced but when you check out they give you an even better deal. There is also a GW there but unless your looking for clothes or drinking glasses it's a waste of time. I will definitely be checking out the other one more often. Sorry to hear that you had to close your shop. If you do decide to change names let me know and I'll follow you there, too.

  4. I forgot to ask.....is your tree still up? Just wondering!

  5. You cannot change the address of your blog, but you can change what you call it. The addy will remain the same, but your title, what shows on the readers, etc will show the new name.

    BUT, you can BUY a top-level domain in the name of your choice, through Google, and when people click on your old blog (Cinnamon Creek Prims), it would redirect to your new blog/new name.

    You can also make a NEW Google blog, NEW name, FREE, and redirect your traffic over there yourself, by asking your readers to click over there, over a period of a week or so. How many followers do you have? You can likely get them all to move with you, especially if you run a small giveaway with the "grand opening" of your new blog/new name.

  6. Did I hear giveaway?! LOL.. it wouldnt' take a giveaway for me to stop following.. but incentives are nice.. lol. Do what feels right for you.


  7. Penniwig has a good suggestion about starting over and redirecting. It would probably make more sense than changing the name of the blog but keeping the same "address", because that would be confusing! LOL

    Go for it; I'll still follow you!