Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I think the older I get the worse my road rage is getting. I don't understand why some people have to follow so close that if I farted they would be able to smell it. This has happened twice in the past couple days.

The first was Saturday and it was pretty messy here with lots of rain and this woman gets behind me and stayed so close I couldn't even see her head lights. I was going to a thrift store out in the country and when I got ready to turn I think it shocked her. She ALL BUT HIT ME!!! Now my car is paid for, but she is more than welcome to buy me a new one.

Ok, so tonight I was on my way home from Staples traveling on I-40 and I have to exit off onto 421. Well some kid decides he wants to ride my bumper. I tell you one of these days everyone is going to here my name on the national news about a 40 year old, crazy white woman who got out of her car and just started slapping people at the stop light and the reporter is going to say quote "She was babbling about slapping some sense into these people".



  1. I get so agrivated when people ride your bumper then they finally decide to pass you. When they do pass they just look at you like your the one with the problem.


  2. I hate this SOOO much!!! I usually either slow down to 30 just to make them mad or pull over and let the idiots go by, depends on my mood:)

  3. Amen to that, Retha! LOL

    That happened to me last week. I'm on my way to the shop down a country road where the speed limit is 45 and I'm doing nearly 50. Some bozo in an SUV comes up behind me fast and is riding my bumper, which amuses me because I know that the speed limit is dropping to 35 about 500 feet ahead. So when I start slowing down, the idiot passes me...in a no-passing zone.

    I lay on my horn at the idiot and he zooms past me, just to start tailgating the person a hundred feet in front of me. He's drifting in his lane, weaving back and forth, trying to figure out how to pass them too, but there are about three cars in a row and there's no room to pass.

    I just smiled real big, picked my cell phone, and dialed *HP. I then told the nice police officer about the reckless driver in front of me and provided him with our location, a description of the vehicle and the tag number, which I was able to read off to him easily as we sat at the red light a mile ahead.

    The officer then thanked me very nicely for the information and assured me that he would take care of it.

    I then slapped shut my cell phone, put it in my bag, and waved and smiled real big at the bozo in front of me. Gotcha!

    You should try it sometime, Retha. It's very cathartic to report idiots like these. You're probably even saving a life! LOL

  4. Those types of people are very upsetting, they are playing with lives with their nonsense!!!