Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Monday's Shopping Trip

I went to Asheboro to meet Susan (Primitive Preacher's Wife) to go shopping and to bring her the items she had ordered from me. Susan had her 2 lovely daughters and her very nice husband came along as well.

We shopped at The Collectors Antique Mall and another thrift store that was just a few steps away. Susan has posted the pictures of the items they purchased on her blog. I did get a wood candle box that was marked down to $1.00, you know I couldn't leave it behind.

I have lots of nice finds from thrift stores and antique stores in my car and I swear one day I will get them out.........lol

The trip was very relaxing and we are going to go shopping again in Carmen, NC where there are 13 antiques stores side by side. So if there is anyone else that would like to go just let me know.

Until Next Time.........


  1. Count me in!!! How far away is that from Utah? LOL how fun that would be! Have a good time when you go. I had to laugh when you swore that someday you would get them out....I have pushed more stuff into my car that someone told me wouldn't fit....LOL

  2. Cameron does have the shops though several are pricey! Hope you have a great time!

  3. I would think I was in hog heaven with 13 antique shops in one place!!! Enjoy!!!